'Design builds dreams to which I give form to.'


‚For the last 15 years, I have been working internationally with a large number of fashion brands and private clients. 

As my career has progressed, I have not only acquired in-depth knowledge of garment construction, the design development process and the fashion cycle, but I also had the privilege to gain insight into the workings of numerous teams and brands around the globe within the industry and acquired a broad spectrum of skills which I now apply so that every one of my project reaches its goal = the best goal!

With sustainability in mind, I help clients analyse the situation; design and implement a solution; guide the brand through the process, step by step.‘  





Project Coordination • Fashion & Apparel

Co-ordination manages, adjusts and interlinks different activities of the business and throughout in order to achieve the goals of the fashion business and deliver collections/production/projects on time and within budget.

  • Coordination the set-up of a Fashion Business
  • Internal & External Coordination of Projects such as managing developing collections and production
    • =>Internal: coordinate with related internal departments to achieve goals/deliver orders/collections or projects
    • =>External: coordinate with external organisations such as factories, buyers, merchandisers, testing labs, embroiderers, fabric + trim suppliers, etc…)
  • Re-structuring / Optimisation of Teams & Departments
  • Transformation from Physical to „Phygital“=> Introducing Digital Processes and Digital Fashion into your fashion business + production

Senior Project Management

As the link between Design and the creative implementation, I am a Solution Manager for your Fashion & Apparel projects.

  • Atelier Management ( continue to find ways to improve the efficiency of the production process timeline including cost-efficiency)
  • Product and Collection Development
  • Pattern Cutting / CAD 
  • Sourcing ( Materials / Trims / Suppliers / Manufacturers)
  • Production Department ( Cutting / Quality/Finishing)
  • Embroidery & Print 
  • Quality Control ( in-house + at the supplier)

Professional Services / Operational

  • Pattern development ( technical realisation of your design sketch from 2D to 3D  )
  • Troubleshooting & Problemsolving ( in-house OR at production location =>during design realisation / sampling + production)
  • Artistic Embroidery ( design/concept => sample => final product)

  • Quality Control ( in-house OR at production location)

=>Introducing/Optimising QC processes

=>Pattern Cutting

=>Sample Garments Stage

=>Fitting + Finishings


=>Production Stage


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